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Women play a vital and useful role in making our world a better place.Women are far more fun, brave and exciting than men. They are 100 percent honest about their lives and want their opposing gender to be honest as well. Where a woman could have the power to astonish the whole world through her abilities she can also grab the eyeballs by means of the deviant and weird aspect of their nature.A woman usually embodies the ideal of inner dignity. Women might be referred as a fairer sex and also sometimes they act quite unusually than men.

Below are presented some aberrant and unusual facts about women. Scroll down so that you can go through some of the widely accepted weird facts about women.

Women are more expressive and at the same time experts in examining gestures and reading faces as compared to men.Women, even from infancy, are generally more interested in facial expressions, emotional tones invoices, and non-verbal cues than men.

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Beauty is something women are extremely conscious about. An average woman spends about 120 hours a year, or five entire days, admiring her reflection in a mirror.

Eyes are the window to the soul and Women blink about 2 times more often than men. Pretty interesting is that!

Sometimes women have an unconscious intention to make their men less attractive to other females, for this, they go on with feeding their partner excessively. Consequently, they become fat. Weird!

Regardless of the venue and circumstances women usually don’t breathe without lipstick. The average woman eats 4 lbs.’ of lipstick in her entire life.

Women are never wrong. They wait for men to take initiative and apologize. A bitter reality!

Women are always expressive and barely can keep quiet. When they go to public restrooms, they love going there in groups, so that they can have a chat.

Women’s brains are more densely packed as compared to a male brain. But it doesn’t affect their cognitive abilities as both have the same number of cells.

Women are seriously conscious about their get-ups. What to wear? Women spend nearly a year of their lives deciding what to wear. It would have been longer than a year actually.

If someone claims that 2 women were sitting without saying a word to one another, it is certainly hard to believe. Women tend to talk more than men do. A recent study shows that women say, on average, 13,000 more words per day than men.

On average, women live 2–5 years longer than men. This fact holds true in every country of the world

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We see creams and facewash which are exclusively for women only. It might be because female skin is twice more sensitive than male.

Women definitely need to check out how they look in the mirror before hitting the outside world.

Women are more emotional: they cry double the number of times men cry in their lifetime.

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Female muscles and tendons contain more elastin, which is what makes women more flexible.

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